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Get half of every referral's first month's payment. Refer as many people as you want!


New members must subscribe to one of our paid plans (Basic, Pro, or Power) and must successfully complete at least one payment. In other words, they must stay a paying member through the first 30-day money-back guarantee period, after which you'll receive your referral bonus.

Bonuses are half of the first month's payment. For a yearly plan, you'll get half of the monthly equivalent. For example, if someone subscribes for a yearly Basic plan ($96), you'll get half of the month-to-month payment. In this case it'd be $4, because $96/12 = $8 per month.

To capture a successful referral, you need to share the proper link (below), and to make sure that the user you refer has a functional browser with cookies enabled. They need to follow the link that you gave them and purchase a subscription within 30 days using the same browser that the cookie was stored on for the referral code to work.

If for some reason a user clicks two different referral links, whichever one they clicked last before signing up will be recorded and credited.

You'll also need a working email for this account, since that's how we'll contact you about payment, and either a Venmo or a PayPal account to accept the referral payment, which will be made at most once per month, on the first of that month. If a user's payment comes in after that deadline, you'll be paid the following month.

Questions? Ask away.

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