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help_outlineInvoicing Help

How to create an invoice

Step 1: Set up your company info

Before you can start creating invoices, you'll need to enter your company's information on the Settings page.

Select your currency, then click the “Edit company info” link and fill out the form. Finally, for a more professional looking invoice, upload a logo and choose a color scheme. The default color is dark gray. When you're done, save your changes.

Step 2: Create a new invoice

Head on over to the “Invoices” section and click the “Create new” button. The invoicing form is fairly self-explanatory, but you'll need at least the following:

  1. A client name
  2. An item that you're billing for, and a price

Don't forget to add client details (address, phone, etc.) If you've invoiced that client before, the form will automatically fill those details in for you, saving you a ton of time.

New clients will be automatically saved for you, and you can always edit or remove clients in the “Clients” section.

Note: Removing or editing a client will not change the information on invoices that you've already generated. In other words, if you create a client named Bob's Burgers, the later change the name to Mary's Milkshakes, all old invoices to will still read Bob's Burgers.

Taxes and discounts

You can charge both taxes and discounts using either a flat rate (the default setting), or a percentage. All you need to do is click the currency next to the input box to switch between each mode.

Hourly billing

If you need to charge by the hour for your invoice, just check the “Hourly Billing” box.

Updating status

New invoices have the status “Unpaid” until you click that status button to change it, or the invoice becomes overdue. Clicking will change the status from “Unpaid” to “Paid”, and the income will be reflected on your dashboard and in your reports.

Step 3: Save and send!

Once you've entered all the items and client info, you're ready to save your invoice. Click the “Save” button, and then download your PDF to your computer. Double-check that everything looks OK, and send away!

How to create an estimate

The process for creating an estimate is the same as it is for creating an invoice. An estimate will have the status “Pending” until you click the pending button to approve it. After you've approved it, you can choose to have the estimate converted into an invoice, which you can then save as a PDF.

How to create an expense

Expenses are also like invoices and estimates, except they require fewer details. Just enter a description, the cost, and you're essentially done.